AccessDiver 4.281

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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Perform tests to determine if your website is working well"

AccessDiver makes sure that your website and the server itself work correctly by carrying out a series of proxy, DNS and other tests. With the tools included in this pack you can also ping and even find out the whois data of any website.

It is very important that a web page remains always accessible without any connection errors of any kind, which are provided by AccessDiver analyzing various aspects of the portal to be treated. Checks of proxy, DNS and HTTP protocol take place in a short period of time, indicating as a result whether the website and its corresponding server are functioning properly or, on the contrary, it would be advisable to take some action to correct certain behaviours.

AccessDiver integrates a module that allows you to discover the information belonging to the whois of the URL you enter, instantly finding out the name of the owner of the domain, its address and other important data.

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